The company has created in 1995 and firstly named AGROFARM PELLAS EPE. In 2001 changed name to NOVAFARM PELLAS EPE and finally in 2001 renamed to NOVAFARM SA.

  Has created by:

Charantonis Dimitrios from Skydra

Theodosidis Dimitrios from Kria Vrisi

Inebolidis Ioannis from Skidra

Gouderis Charalambos from Palaifyto

Sdrakas Athanasios from Kariotissa

NOVAFARM S.A. trades plant protection products, seeds and fertilizers and provide services to subjects as Plant Protection and Intergrated Pest Management. From 1995 has traps for monitoring the insects flights and has 5 small meteorological stations.


Civilities and stuff

The company has a place of 6 hectars and 3 trucks for the service of the clients. The offices and the main wirehouses placed in the region of Galatades in the Community of Pella (Prefecture of Pella). NOVAFARM S.A has a stuff of 11 persons and 5 of them are agriculturists.


NOVAFARM's targets

From the beginning NOVAFARM S.A. has as main targets :

- The logical use of pesticides and fertilizers

- The protection of the environment

- The safety of the use of the plant production products.

Mailing list

Ερώτηση δημοσκόπησης

Monday 17 Feb 2020

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PELLA - GALATADES INTERCHANGE - P.C. 58001 - TEL.: +30 23820 43009, 43095 - FAX: +30 23820 43234

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